Refundable returns are not acceptable, except for the rare cases where our company has, by mistake, sent a different product than the one the customer ordered. The right laid down by European Union legislation on returning products within 14 days does not apply to products created on-demand, such as most products at In the unlikely event of receipt of the wrong product, you must notify ‘Calliope Barci’ within 24 hours of receipt to initiate the process of returning the product to ‘Calliope Barci’ and refunding it to you. We are real people, a team of knitters, we knit by our real hands and we are not machines. Please be aware of this before ordering and choose your unique knit very carefully.

Our knits are all bespoke and therefore cannot and should not be returned. We expect a level of responsibility from our customers, we take our work seriously and so should they. In any case, the issue is decided on a case by case basis so no general exception to the above exists at the moment. We promise to take into account any requests and consider them in the outmost seriousness.

Product replacement policy

Replacement of products is possible only after contacting “Calliope Barci” and within 24 hours of their receipt at any case. The new product or new products you choose should have a total value equal to or greater than the total value of the products to be returned. The products to be returned must be in perfect condition without being worn. Return and shipping costs are borne by you, except in the rare cases where you have received a different product than the one you ordered.